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              We follow Jesus because there are real people who walked and lived with Jesus and they shared in His story. They walked with him, ate with him, and saw first hand what he did as he healed the sick, taught, and fed thousands. They were disciples. Disciples follow. We are now invited to follow Jesus and proclaim ourselves as disciples who participate in making disciples.

              I Disciple, is our attempt to look at those who saw Jesus first hand and learn from them as they continue teaching us today how we might better follow Jesus.

    March 10 - Philip - This is How I Disciple: Bringing People to Jesus

    March 17 - Matthew - I Disciple by Throwing a Party

    March 24 - Unnamed Woman - I Disciple by Going Against the Norm

    March 31 - Thomas - I Disciple by Admitting I Was Wrong, Through Humility

    April 7 - Simon and Jude - I Disciple Through Friendship

    April 14 (Palm Sunday) - Unnamed Disciple - I Disciple Through Obedience