Current Sermon series

Route 66

Have you taken a good Road Trip before?  Have you ever taken a pin to mark and remember the places where you had been along the journey?  Each of those places held great memories filled with moments that you never forget. Maybe that time your car broke down, that argument you had with your spouse, the place you saw your kid grow up a little bit and that view along the way.  When you finally got to your vacation spot it’s made sweeter because of journey and all of those places hold a special place in your heart. 

Over the next seven weeks we’re going on a Road Trip through the Scriptures, placing a pin in those moments along our path that have been a foundational part of the Christian journey with Jesus.  As we travel through these place of prophets, priests and kings, we’ll also connect these sections of our scripture with the story and life of Jesus.  

As we prepare for our journey we’re going to provide you with a guide offering readings to help you remember the unique power of the journey as we grow together in grace.  

Pack up friends and put the pedal to the metal!!

  • July 7th


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  • July 14th


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  • July 21st


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  • July 28th


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  • August 4th


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  • August 11th


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  • August 18th

    GEneral Epistles

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