Understanding Fear &

Crime, race, terrorism and politics

  • Introduction to the 5 week study
  • The role fear plays in our lives
  • Exploring events and trends that engender fear
  • Understand how disordered thoughts can contribute to fear
  • Appreciate and utilize lectio divina as a means of grace that addresses the spiritual injury caused by fear


presentation on mental health wellness

Presentation Given by Arlington County

  • Increasing Mental Health Awareness &
  • Promoting Behavioral Wellness


Failure, insignificance and loneliness

  • Courage and How Its Presence Helps Overcomes Fear
  • Understanding Grace and Acceptance
  • Fear and Social Media
  • Connecting "Meaning-Making" with the Practices of Faith


Change, missing out and finances

  • Apocalyptic Expectations & God's Ultimate Victory
  • How Grief may be Informing our Fear of Change
  • Practicing Gratitude and Its Relationship to Fear
  • How Financial Principles can Alleviate Anxiety


Town Hall

  • This town hall will be a clergy-led discussion on the recent General Conference decision on human sexuality and the United Methodist Church