Mission Events

The Mission Committee is planning events to occur once a month. As the event draws closer more information will be added.

  • Saturday, August 26 4:00pm

    School supply give away

    Join others in the Arlandria Community as we provide school supplies to students through easy, homemade carnival games.  Set up and clean up is helpful.  Carpooling is available. All ages are welcome.

  • Saturday, July 22


    Due to the heat, this event has been cancelled.

    If you are interested in participating in a future mission event, please contact Chris Haley at cbuckles@gmail.com.

  • Saturday, June 24

    Meal packaging Event

    Calvary will be working with Outreach, Inc. for this event and more details will come.

    Click here to register online.  

  • Saturday, May 13

    focus on women and children

    Mother's Day Weekend - two events:

    On Saturday, May 13 at 9am, there will be two parallel service events serving women's shelters for victims of domestic abuse. Activity #1 will be led by Marcia Grenell and will take place at Calvary in Harris Hall. This will involve assembling care bags and crafts for women at the shelter. This activity is open to all ages and activity levels (including children!). It will take approximately one hour. Sign-up on the sheet above the donation box in the Chapel (narthex) or e-mail cbuckles@gmail.com.

    The second activity will be led by Chris Haley and will take place at Bethany House in Alexandria. We will be removing an old wooden fence and laying mulch down in a flower bed. this activity my require moderate labor and would not be suitable for young children. We will need shovels, one or more sledgehammers in case the fence is anchored in concrete, hammers, saws, and a pickup truck to bring the mulch and remove the fence, so please e-mail Chris at cbuckles@gmail.com if you have these things. Confidentiality waivers must be signed in advance of the event. Sign-up on the sheet above the donation box in the Chapel (narthex).


    Call for Donations! This Mother's Day weekend, Calvary will be assembling care bags and crafts for women and mothers who were victims of homelessness or domestic abuse, so we need your donations! They have requested the following items for the 25 women currently in the shelter's care: umbrellas, planners, face wipes, pens, shampoo (Full size), conditioner (Full size), lotion (Full size), gift cards- Target/Amazon/Old Navy. There is a donation box in the chapel by the Narthex outside the sanctuary.

Backpack Buddies

This Christmas the first $2000 of our Christmas offering was designated to support the "BACKPACK BUDDIES" mission of AFAC (Arlington Food Assistance Center).  

Here's some information on this wonderful program: 

AFAC’s Backpack Buddies program provides weekend and holiday meal packs for food-insecure Arlington County schoolchildren. “Food Insecurity” is the term used to describe the uncertainty of not knowing where the next meal will come from, or if it will come at all.

On Fridays at their school, each child in the Backpack Buddies program is given a backpack filled with nourishment for the weekend. Items usually distributed in the backpacks are ready-to-eat meals, microwave soups, snack bars, fruit cups, shelf-stable milk, fresh produce, and canned vegetables. There is enough food in each pack to feed the child for two days (six meals, plus snacks).

The children return the backpacks to their school on Monday, and then the packs are filled and redistributed to the children the following Friday. 

The food for the Backpack Buddies program is more expensive than other food AFAC purchases for the families in our care because it is pre-packaged and prepared. AFAC estimates that the Backpack Buddies program costs approximately $7.50 per child, per week.

Homeless Food Ministry

This year Calvary UMC has joined in efforts at Central United Methodist Church (located in Balston at 4201 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203) in preparing and serving food to the homeless of Arlington County. On Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:00 p.m. volunteers gather to prepare for Friday meal distribution. 

On Friday mornings from 5:30 a.m.-noon Central UMC again welcomes volunteers to cook and serve hot meals. This ministry is an extension of ASPAN (Arlington Street People's Association). If interested please feel free to enter the rear downstairs kitchen entrance at Central UMC and jump right in lending a helping hand!

The church is conveniently located directly across from the Ballson Metro Station, and parking is available in the back parking lot.


Calvary UMC cares for families and individuals in need within Arlington by offering utility assistance and assistance with some basic needs. Donations to the "Communion Fund" are used, exclusively, to provide the means to offer this assistance. 


Many thanks for all the food donations for Arlington Food Assistance Center . Please continue to bring food (especially cereal) the first Sunday of each month. Place in the rear of the Narthex (the area at the rear of the sanctuary). Thank you. https://afac.org/

Christian Literature for Prisoners

Did you know that Calvary is one of the leading providers of Christian literature for prisoners at the Arlington jail? Well we are thankful to the many persons who have contributed to a project initiated by Dottie Cumings, but more literature is needed. 

As you contemplate Spring cleaning, please remember to put your old Upper Rooms, Guideposts, Decision magazines, Bibles, and other Christian materials in the box on the floor of the closet by the steps between Harris Hall and the church office for Walt Baumann to take the jail to be distributed by the Chaplain. 


 (Arlington Street People's Assistance Network)

A-SPAN’s mission is to secure permanent housing and provide life-sustaining services for Arlington’s most vulnerable individuals through outreach and relationships built on trust and respect. Calvary UMC provides funding for monthly dental extractions and other services though A-SPAN. Please make donations to the "Communion Fund" to provide financial support.  

Art for Humanity

Calvary supports the Art for Humanity by collecting shoes, paint, and other item donations that are used for humanitarian relief in Honduras. Art for Humanity's mission is to "Help the Poor to Help Themselves" by "Promoting small business development and education so those in need can transition to sustainable self-sufficiency." The organization was founded by former Calvary UMC Senior Pastor, Glen Evans.  

Comfort Shawl Ministry

The crafters of Calvary have developed a wonderful comfort shawl ministry. These hand made shawls are given to those members and friends who are ill or unable to join us in worship. If you know someone who would benefit and be blessed by such a gift please contact Molly Sessions at mksessions@verizon.net.