Faith Understandings

The area around Calvary is blessed with a tremendous diversity of persons and perspectives.  Among the diversity in our area is a religious diversity.   On 23rd Street we have several other Christian churches: Advent Lutheran, Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic, and Mount Vernon Baptist.  Each of these churches differ in some ways from Calvary United Methodist but each also affirm the basic Christian doctrines or beliefs as found in the Apostles Creed (video narration).

Additionally, we have a growing presence of Jehovah Witness and Latter Day Saint (formerly known as Mormons) friends in our community.  While we share some views in similar with these friends and neighbors, we also hold key distinctions in belief.   Some church members, after interactions with missionaries at their home or the metro, have asked if Calvary could help clarify what we hold in common and where we differ from these religions.   As a way of responding to these requests we have created this page.  It is our hope that the resources herein contribute to greater mutual love, respect, and clarity of belief.  


Latter Day Saints/Mormon beliefs -  The official church name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's.  Adherents have been known as Mormons or Latter Day Saint's.   

 - Guidelines_for_Receiving_Mormons_into_the_UMC.PDF This document, published in 1998, and written collaboratively with input from Latter Day Saints leadership, identifies the key belief distinctions (i.e.: doctrine of the Trinity, scripture, salvation, the role of holy living, sacraments, etc.).

 - Comparison_Chart_-_Mormonism_and_Christianity_-_NAMB.html   A chart of belief's published by the (NAMB) North American Missionary Board of the Southern Baptist Church.  

Jehovah Witness beliefs

 - JEHOVAH_S_WITNESSES_-_Doctrinal_Comparison_Chart.html   

A Comparison Chart of Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs in contrast to Christian beliefs (from  

- What do United Methodists believe?For information on the overall mission and beliefs of Calvary UMC visit the United Methodist Church's website.