Building use request

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Calvary's facilities are to be used primarily for Christian worship and related activities.

First priority for usage will be assigned as follows:

  • Worship led by Ministers, staff, or lay members of the congregation.
  • Baptisms, weddings, funerals, etc. of Calvary families and for others as determined by the Pastor
  • Calvary-related activities by organizations within the congregation
  • Activities by organizations currently designated by the Church Council as "Calvary Sponsored"

Others: When not needed for support of the kinds of activities listed above, Calvary facilities may be used for purposes like the following - whether church-related or not - when it appears to the Pastor that such use can contribute to improved conditions, standards, and relations in the church and the community.

  • Non-Calvary religious
  • Educational
  • Civic and community
  • Health
  • Charity fund-raising
  • Recreational